Antispam, SMTP Authentication and Spambox

[English Version] We have installed a new version of antispam using ASSP Deluxe and antivirus powered by ClamAV on our web server. If you are accessing cpanel, you will find the antispam control center on Spam and Antivirus Protection link. This installation need some changes on your side. Our clients who use mail client software (ex. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) need to activate SMTP Authentication for mailing activity. To turned on the SMTP Authentication, you can click here. Graphical instruction will guide you.

Now, email spam will be isolated on spambox, which already available on Webmail, SquirrelMail Folder, but need to subscribe and activate it to be listed on SquirrelMail menu. To activate a spambox folder, click here. You need to delete all email which resides on spambox, sent, and trash folder. If you have a lot of mail account, and tired to check spambox folder on each mail account, you can crate one email account named This email account will catch all email spam on each account. Spambox email account is like the other mail, has SMTP and POP3 function. To create an email spambox is like you create a normal email.

Sometime, we found a positif email on spambox. You can whitelisted them, make sure antispam wont catch it anymore. Click here to whitelisted a positif email. Sometimes your friend’s IP blacklisted on spam database. If you have another question, please contact us. Thank you.

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