How to check your website’s visitors and statistics with AWStats

How to check your website’s visitors and statistics with AWStats


awstats1.pngThis common question always there for our clients, wondering how much visitors they had for this time since they published their website online in internet. To knowing your visitor numbers is very helpfull for reviewing your website’s position in wide world of internet as one of your marketing tools, publication media, or any purposes else – the reason why you have a website.

In BOC , we have supported you clients for this issue with a tool called Awstats. It’s simple way to check your statistic for your website by this tool. You wan to know what keywords/keyphrases makes your website listed in search engine? Or you want to know where are your website’s visitors coming from? How popular are you? Let’s check it out….

1. Do login to your cPanel on BOC server

  • Browse to your cPanel (
  • Login using your cPanel username (ex: boxxx) and password


2. Find the tools, AWStats

Find the icon like on this picture


Click on the icon, it will bring you to next page where your domain name will be shown on a list.

3. Open your statistic

Click on View icon like shown below, there will be new window opened and bring you to whole summary of statistic.



4. Reviewing your website statistic

Taraaaaaaa…..your full summary is ready to review for your evaluation. Use left menu to find out your statistic based on Monthly History, Days of Month, Country where your visitors come from, .etc.


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