Tutorial Cara Setting Email bisnis di Mac Mail

Berikut dibawah adalah tutorial cara setting email bisnis di program email (mail client program) Mac Mail.

This tutorial will guide you to add an email to your mac mail application :

1. Open Mac Mail, click File > Add Account

Macmail setting installation

2. Choose Add Other Mail Account and click Continue button.

Macmail setting installation

3. Type your full name, email address, and password. Below is only a sample, replace with your own identity.

Macmail setting installation

4. Macmail says to use manual configuration, just click Next button.

Macmail setting installation

5. Incoming Mail Server. Choose your email type (IMAP/POP). IMAP system is copying email from the server from the original email that still exist on the server. POP system is take email (download) from the server to your local storage. It will be disappear on the server. Fill mail server, username and password with your own identity as shown as example below.

Macmail setting installation

6. Outgoing Mail Server. Fill in with your own identity for SMTP server. Replace with your own domain name. Also the username and password. Then click Create button.

 Macmail setting installation

All set, you can download and sending emails with mac mail program. You can add more email to your mac mail. More than one is OK. Event adding gmail on mac mail is possible. Here an example our mac mail could manage 4 email addresses.

Macmail Inbox

My Mac Mail can not send emails, why?

Please check your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) configuration. Make sure your SMTP set as follow.

1. Open preferences with Mail > Preferences.

Mac Mail Preferences, SMTP Outgoing Setting 

2. Follow steps below. Choose your email and click Edit SMTP Server list in the sample below:

Mac Mail Preferences, SMTP Outgoing Setting

3. Choose your email, click Advanced and set as example below. It’s should be the same with example below.

Mac Mail Preferences, SMTP Outgoing Setting

Done, happy emailing!



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