cPanel 11.24 Increases Performance

cPanel, announced this week the release of version 11.24 of their industry leading server management software.  Version 11.24 introduces a new initiative to cPanel’s software, cPanel Accelerated.  cPanel Accelerated brings new features designed to decrease system resource usage and increase speed and performance significantly from previous versions.

A substantial portion of the codebase of cPanel and the x3 interface itself has been streamlined and made to perform better and require less bandwidth.  Also available as part of cPanel Accelerated are two alternatives for DNS and IMAP.  The NSD nameserver can reduce memory usage for DNS functions by up to 40% over BIND.  On busy nameservers that can add up to a huge resource savings.  Also included in version 11.24 is Dovecot IMAP as an alternative to Courier IMAP.  Dovecot provides up to a 25% reduction in disk I/O as well as using between 10% to 70% less memory then Courier.  Security has also been enhanced with the reworking of cPanel’s process monitoring daemon to include service specific verification which helps to improve the security of running processes.  Backups are faster too.  Pkgacct 8 has been reworked to become significantly faster then previous versions.  That means you can safely backup your data and restore it, both incrementally & non-incrementally much more quickly then previous versions.  This all adds up to increased performance, reduced resource usage and ultimately a more efficient webhosting operation for cPanel customers.

cPanel and WHM 11.24

cPanel and WHM 11.24 offer new features such as NSD and Dovecot while streamlining our code base. The end result is a sleeker program that minimizes system requirements. The x3 interface itself has also been streamlined, requiring significantly less bandwidth, as seen in the figures below. These new features will result in faster overall load times and improve your everyday web hosting experience.

The amount of improvements made to the core software can not be overstated. We have improved interfaces for configuring mail servers, FTP servers, web servers, and name servers. DNS clustering has also been imbued with many speed enhancements which, coupled with NSD will make DNS functions run at top speed. cPanel’s backup system has been reworked to realize significantly higher speeds. This will make creating, or restoring from. incremental or compressed backups substantially faster.

Also introduced in 11.24 is the cPanel Accelerated initiative. This new track for cPanel caters directly to dedicated server owners and administrators. The backend engine of cPanel has many updates and is reworked to yield enhanced performance on dedicated servers.

Improved Back-end Performance — Faster, Better

cPanel and WHM Version 11.24 has been improved for greater performance. This new version is designed to work smoothly on any server, whether it hosts a single website or thousands of accounts. Performance increases will provide relief to servers hosting many accounts, including the ability to handle over 10,000 DNS zones with ease.

XML-API — Bigger, Stronger

cPanel’s already complete XML-API which allows further automated interaction with third party plugins and software has received some serious upgrades. The previous XML-API had support for 36 distinct functions. The XML-API present in 11.24 boast 48 industrial strength functions which make interaction between cPanel and your scripts and other software much more in depth. Get done what you need done in less time and with more specificity.

Improved Backup Performance — Speed is safe.

cPanel’s backup facilities in 11.24 have seen significant speed increases. In previous versions, load averages while backups were running could be as high as 3. With our reworked and enhanced backup system, load averages tend to stay around 1.2 when backups run on servers with many accounts. This is an extremely substantial performance increase that you and your customers will notice right away. With our new backup system, there is no reason not to keep your data safe.

Transfers — Why use anything else?

The cPanel account transfer & migration system has been improved in 11.24. Now, account transfers are always done using our latest transfer scripts regardless of what version of cPanel you’re running (so long as it’s 11.24 or future versions). Transfer scripts are updated on an as needed basis with no intervention needed. This simplifies and streamlines the account transfer procedure when moving accounts from a non-cPanel server to your cPanel based server.

Lightweight NSD nameserver — Immediate answers to your queries

cPanel and WHM 11.24 add the lightweight NSD name resolution daemon. Focusing on performance rather than functionality, NSD is ideal for authoritative nameservers. It reduces memory usage by up to 40%, increases performance, and utilizes BIND-compatible configuration data. (NSD is not compatible with DNS clustering; for more information, visit

Efficient Dovecot mail server — Your email, instantly

cPanel and WHM 11.24 also include full support for the mail server Dovecot, which will replace Courier as the standard IMAP/POP3 server on new installations of cPanel. Compared to Courier, Dovecot offers high performance and relatively little memory usage. Maildir-compatible, it is suitable for both low- and high-account-density servers, improving performance regardless of the server’s utilization.

Dovecot, while at idle, uses approximately 70% less memory than Courier. Dovecot also delivers when things get busy, offering a 10% memory reduction over Courier when IMAP has active connections.

But the benefits don’t end with memory usage. Dovecot also realizes a 25% decrease in disk I/O in as little as 24 hours from upgrade. To improve efficiency, cPanel has even written our own authentication service for Dovecot, which speaks Dovecot’s native protocols.

VPS Optimized 2.0 boosts performance while enhancing security and stability

Reducing overall memory consumption is the goal of VPS Optimized 2.0. It boasts a 12-15 Megabyte reduction in standing memory usage. Add that to the nearly 60% memory usage reduction that VPS Optimized 1.0 achieved, and you’ve got a much speedier server.

We’ve made improvements that address the architecture of core cPanel services, so they benefit everyone, not just virtual server configurations. For example, the cPanel log processing daemon has been redesigned to minimize memory usage while maintaining all of its functionality. And to enhance security, we’ve reworked the cPanel process monitoring daemon to include service-specific verification, improving the security of running services.

We’ve also introduced vast amounts of bug fixes. While some are minor, others address potentially critical issues. In the area of DNS clustering, a particularly important bug fix will cause a huge improvement in sync performance and error detection.

And the best part? It’s easy. cPanel and WHM 11.24 offer many improvements that require no user interaction. The general bug fixes and core service changes will take effect on your server immediately after updating.

Getting Started — From point A to Z in 6 steps

Our new Getting Started/Initial Setup wizards make setting up your server easier then ever. In WHM, there are six steps to make server setup as pain free as possible. You can setup network information, hostname, and resolver information. Adding IP addresses at the time your server is provisioned is now as simple as can be. One of the biggest improvements with the new Getting Started wizard is nameserver setup. Before it was a multi-step process which could take quite some time, even for experienced cPanel/WHM users. Now, it’s a matter of one screen and you’re done. As always, services & quota setup is intuitively easy. Everything is brought into one place to save you time.

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