Updated Action: SMTP Trouble

Implementation of ASSP Deluxe on our server has produce some trouble on our clients side. Some of our clients performing a difficulty action when sending mail (SMTP), but the other services are working properly (http, pop3, databases, etc).

Recent status at 5 PM, there are some IP blocking provided by spam filter system, such as RBL, Bayesian and we try to release it in to whitelisting IP.

Recent status at 7 PM, increasing SMTP session limiter. Please make sure that your mail account has SMTP Authetication when using mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.

Recent status at 8.24 PM, SMTP is running well, please make sure activate SMTP required Authentication at your mail account to be make a better sending mail activity. This rule is good for you to prevent someone else hijacking your mail account used for negative purpose, eg.spam activity, mass mail, etc.

If you need for further assist, please contact us.

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