Welcome Rakata Adventure Bali

Welcome Rakata Adventure Bali

rakatabali.jpgRakata Bali was established in 1996 as an affiliation company from its principal, Rakata adventure Jakarta, with its main objective to provide high quality Human Resources development programs.

All of Rakata Bali’s programs are designed based on experiential learning concept using outdoor activities as main tools to achieve the program’s objectives. The detail of each program is defined based on the client’s specific requests , and both the learning and fun aspects are consistently maintained to achieve the program’s goals in a balanced event environment.

Rakata Adventure Bali is well known as outbound training operator and event organizer that mostly provides Corporate program, Youth Program, Five Star Camp, Outing/Gathering Program. Descriptions are as follow :

Corporate program
is designed to cater the company clients various needs in optimizing their employees performance and productivity.

Youth programs can be arranged for small groups youngsters or members of families.

Five star Camp is designed for people who wish to experience and explore the outdoor life and at the same time are still able to maintain certain level of indoor comfort through the availability of the five star camp’s facilities.

Outing/Gathering Program can be arranged for corporate or family. It is designed with main objective to have fun and to create better team/family relationship through a combination of interesting outdoor activities and exotic dining/cultural experience.

Bali Event Organization with Rakata Bali organizes events based quality performance standard, and high efficiency in term of cost and time to achieve of the client’s objectives.

For more information, please visit Rakata Bali homepage at : http://www.rakataadventurebali.com

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